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I'm Audra. I'm a Virginia photographer based in Charlottesville. I was born and raised in a small Georgia town, but I fell in love with Virginia in 2015 and decided to stay. My journey into photography began with writing and capturing life on paper as a poet and through my career in wedding editorial over the last seven years for publications like Zola and Borrowed & Blue. My love of seeing incredible images as an editor showed me the beauty of documenting moments beyond my pen and has helped me hone my passion for photography. The rest, as they say, is history, and now I spend as much time chasing down perfect sunlight as I do chasing down perfect words. 

When I'm not behind the camera or tucked away somewhere with a book, you can find me enjoying life with my partner Charles, styling my 1920s home, or snuggling with my Frenchie pup, Finny. 

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A bibliophile through and through — old libraries, rainy reading days, writing poems — words were my first love.

Books + Writing

I believe that I was a dancer in another life. Since I was a baby, I've loved to dance and it brings me so much joy.


This little weirdo is the sunshine in my day. I knew it was love when she peed on me the day we brought her home.

My Dog Finny

I've been known to build my outfits around my shoes a time or two (or two hundred).


Tapas shared with an intimate group of friends (I lovingly call it party food): heaven for my introverted heart.

Party food

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“A precise emotion seeks a precise expression.”
— Jeanette Winterson

The moments that make up your life — the ones that you tuck away in the quiet parts of your heart — shouldn't just be felt, they should be seen too.  


Let's tell your story. together.